A Degree in Music Technology consists of 33 credits. Those credits are satisfied by 9 required courses, 3 student selected core classes and 1-2 electives. 



Required Courses

       7500:553 Music Software Survey and Use

       7500:613 Instructional Programming in Music for the Microcomputer

       7500:618 Musical Styles and Analysis IV (20th Century)

       7500:627 Computer Studio Design

       7500:653 Electronic Music

       7500:699 Master's Thesis

      7500:6__ Ensemble (participation in two ensemble sequences)

       7500:542 Composition (electronic music)

       7500:697 Advanced Problems in Music - Graduate Research in Communication



 Music core courses 

        7500:555 Advanced Conducting: Instrumental

        7500:556 Advanced Conducting Choral

        7500:615 Musical Styles and Analysis I

        7500:616 Music Styles and Analysis II

        7500:617 Music Styles and Analysis III

        7500:621 Music History Survey:Middle Ages and Renaissance

                 7500:622 Music History Survey:Baroque

                 7500:623 Music History Survey: Classic and Romantic

                 7500:624 Music History Survey:20th Century


**For questions regarding course descriptions please contact Doug Hicks.